It?s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas 2018 has been such a blessing to our family! We have had quite the year with lots of challenges and trials but also with those we saw God move in miraculous ways like never before. We are super excited for what this new year brings for our family and one thing we are most excited about is getting to meet our newest grand baby this Summer!

We absolutely can not wait! I have prayed so hard for Jereme and Sarah to be blessed with a baby and the Lord has answered!

Christmas each year is such a beautiful reminder of the great love of God and as I sit and watch my family gathered around.. I praise the Lord because God has been so faithful and good to us! You see on my 19th Christmas.. I said goodbye to my Daddy.. and he fell asleep that Christmas night and went to be with Jesus the next day! The following Christmas would unknowingly be the last one my big brother was alive. He was killed in a tragic accident the following March. I spent the next several Christmas with an extremely abusive husband but I always loved watching my boys at Christmas time and they brought me so much joy in spite of all the pain!

Then in SUDDENLY the Lord broke in .. all my prayers and cries were heard and God rescued my boys and I. He gave us a new life and a fresh start.. miracle after miracle happened and God gave us an incredible man to love the three of us with a self sacrificing love.

From the first moment Alex and I met we both knew instantly we were meant to be together. We chose to get married in the beginning of December a few years after we met and honestly though there have been many things the Lord has brought us through as a family Alex and I have grown stronger and more in love each day! He is one of the greatest blessings the Lord has ever given me!

Our family continued to grow when God gave us the incredible miracle of our beautiful daughter Hayley after losing a baby to a horrible miscarriage.. and now He has blessed us with two absolutely beautiful and amazing daughter in loves, who truly are just like my own daughters. God continues to bless us and add to our family and as I watched each of my precious and beautiful grand children be born and grow .. my heart couldn’t be more full and grateful!

When I sit down Christmas morning and look into the faces of my children and grandchildren my heart is overwhelmed with the love God has for me.

Each of them bring a love and a joy that words can’t even describe.. when I look into their eyes I see the love and grace and beauty of God .. I see that in them are pieces of my dad and brother and grandparents that are in heaven celebrating Christmas with Jesus ..

I see miracles upon miracles.. I see prayers prayed answered in ways I couldn’t even imagine! I see that God was with us through every fire and trial the enemy sent our way and He brought us out stronger and closer than ever.

I’m telling you all this because no matter what you have gone through or where you have come from .. there is a God in heaven who loves you and He can redeem and restore all that has been broken! No matter how bad it looks or how impossible it seems .. NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM! He truly does make beauty out of ashes!

Our family is the perfect example of that!

The greatest gifts of all don’t come from a store .. They can’t be bought. They are miracles and can only come from God.

My prayer for you this new year is that you will be filled with hope and an expectant heart.. knowing that God loves you and sent Jesus to save you and heal you and rescue you!

May God Bless you this New Year!





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  • Charlene form Chardebs
    December 26, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    ???? I just love your testimony of Gods protection and edemption he bought to your family.
    I?ll never forget you. Your so special . Ty for STEPPING OUT IN FAITH, and allowing God turn all your test and trials in a GLORIOUS TESTIMONY OF HIS POWER! And I love your home and the beautiful touches you do. ?????

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