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The ministry we support, All Worthy of Love posted an encouraging story on their site recently.. About how people are helping and the impact it is making in the lives of those in need..

  • A little girl that heard about us, prayed, and the Lord had her raise money for lunches through a lemonade stand.
  • My high school friend, that I met again at a recent reunion, felt led to involve her knitting group to make beautiful scarves and hats for us
  • A retired couple challenges themselves with our ?supply list? to ?get deals? and help with contributions of sandals, umbrellas, socks, etc. on their limited retirement income
  • A retired Detroit fireman has $50 taken from his retirement check and sent to us electronically every month
  • A lady gave us survivor back packs and jewelry she had made herself while her husband was undergoing cancer treatment.
  • A young couple makes fashion scarfs and other crafts, and sells them at events so they can donate a percentage of their profits to AWOL ? they actually provided over $200 in small rolled up fleece blankets last year
  • A dental tech in Rochester Hills provides a case of toothbrushes and a case of toothpaste each and every month.
  • A college prayer group sponsored a ?sock drive?
  • A small high school group wrote personal encouragement notes
  • A college group committed to making us 50 lunches, sandwiches and hygiene kits each and every month
  • A foster care home teaches their ?children? to prepare lunches and hygiene kits for us on a monthly basis
  • Another stitch group made special ?salvation story? hats, scarves and bracelets
  • An ?at-home? mother, intercedes for us in prayer each and every outreach ? that could be four a week!!!!
  • Runners commit to raise funds for AWOL while participating in marathons
  • A small on-line autism business sends us ALL their profit in gas cards
  • Someone donated a bunch of paperback bibles she bought at the dollar store

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All Worthy of Love

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