It is that wonderful time of year when we get to bless those we love with gifts and it just so happens that Alex and I have our anniversary in the beginning of December. He always gets me the sweetest and most romantic gifts… so I always try to come up with special gifts for him that he will cherish!

This year I teamed up with Grafomap.com to make this custom map as a gift for him.

I chose this address because it is the address of the church where we got married nineteen years ago. This was a place where a miracle happened that I never dreamed possible. I walked down the aisle as Alex was looking at me with so much love and adoration while tears streamed down his cheeks. This day was such a miracle because just a few years earlier, I was trapped in a complete prison of one of the most abusive and horrific marriages ever. I never thought I could escape.. and if I did I definitely would never give my heart away again… THEN GOD STEPPED IN .. He let me meet the most patient, gentle, loving man in the world. Alex pursued me with the most beautiful love and even when I would try to push him away out of fear, he would always shower me with grace and unconditional love. When we talked about where to get married I dreamed of a beach wedding but he insisted we got married in a church, in God’s house! I am so happy we did!

So this map shows where I walked down the aisle to join my very own Prince Charming. He has been one of the biggest and most beautiful gifts from God that I absolutely do not deserve. He has been the BIGGEST blessing to me, our children, and grandchildren. Our marriage is proof that miracles happen and God takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it into good!

So if you want to give a beautiful and special gift this year, I HIGHLY recommend using Grafomap to create a map of a special location for someone you love! You can use my code, SIGNSOFHOPE to get 20% off your order.



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  • Peggy
    December 8, 2020 at 5:30 pm

    God is good I am do so happy you found a good man to love and cherish you I pray you can let all your past hurt go and be happy , a very beautiful snd encouraging story of your love ?

  • Sue
    December 9, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    Hope, Happy Anniversary ❤️ Your love for each other is a reflection of His Love ❤️

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